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The CCP is hosting a joined seminar with 10X Genomics

Hands on tour of the single-cell analysis journey

Description: Please join us for a day of bioinformatic workshop on Single-cell gene expression analysis, which aims to provide participants with an extensive exploration of single-cell analysis methodologies, offering expert insights from representatives of 10X Genomics, as well as hands-on sessions and interactive demonstrations. Please reserve your spot via link here.

Location: Shapiro Building, Room 1012, The Zinner Boardroom (70 Francis St, Boston)

When: Friday, March 8 2024, from 9:00am-4:00pm (EST)


Past Seminars

  • September 7 2023: CCP and 10X Genomics – Flexed Assay and CytAssist Seminar

Past Speakers

  • September 13 2019: Jeffrey Moffitt, PhD – “Imaging the transcriptome: mapping the mouse brain with MERFISH”
  • October 11 2019: Chao Wang, PhD – “The Th17 cell conundrum in autoimmune inflammation, lessons learnt from single cell genomics, immunology, and metabolomics”
  • November 15 2019: Evan Macosko, MD, PhD – “Spatial and Single-Cell Genomics for Next-Generation Neuropathology”
  • December 13 2019: Soumya Raychaudhuri, MD, PhD – “Leveraging single cell data to define cell-type specific immune disease mechanism”
  • January 10 2020: Catherine Wu, MD – “Single cell approaches to evaluate effective human tumor immunity”
  • February 14 2020: Nora Barrett, MD –
  • March 13 2020: Michael Brenner, MD –

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