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Single Cell Core Services And Pricing

Every single cell project will include:

  • One free consultation on experimental design and sample preparation (Thursdays 930am)
  • 10X reagents and buffer, cell capture & library generation
  • One free QC to check cell number and viability
  • Sample QC prior to loading and post-library generation
  • RNA Sequencing and basic bioinformatic QC & analysis via CellRanger Pipeline
  • Troubleshooting assistance and re-sequencing, if necessary, to achieve at least 20K reads/cell
  • Price listing is based on each loading sample

Base Services

Rates shown here are for MGB Academic Institutions. All Non-MGB Academic Institutions (44%) and For-Profit Industry (59%) will be charged IDCs

**To qualify for the single-cell discount pricing, one must submit six or more samples within three-months. Libraries will be stored and sequenced together upon last sample submission.

**We will be transitioning to the latest 10X Genomics GEM-X technologies for regular single-cell sequencing experiments. For ongoing projects, we are pleased to continue providing the current NEXT-GEM reagents (including HT assay with paired number of samples).

To learn more about GEM-X, please click here.

Add-ons Services

New Services–Profile fresh, frozen and fixed samples (even FFPE)

Discover whether traditional single-cell RNAseq or single-cell Flex assay is better for your experiment by clicking HERE!

We are now accepting BWH DOM core facility vouchers!

The DOM is proposing to award approximately 20 vouchers for $1,000-$3,000 (max $5,000) to support the cost of core services for early-career investigators. Details on voucher program, eligibility, and application instructions can be found here.

Start Booking Your Single-Cell Project:


  1. Create an account on the MGB Core Management System
  2. If you are a new user, or this is a new experiment, please fill out our Questionnaire and send to
  3. Our scientific team will review your Questionnaire and set up a consultation to discuss your experiment
  4. Upon completion of the consultation:
  5. A core representative will respond to you to schedule your sample submission

Sample Submission Deadline

  • All samples must be submitted to the core by no later than 2pm
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