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Flow Cytometry Core Pricing

Operator-Assisted High-Speed Flow Cytometry Sorting


Internal BWH Users
Non-MGB Academic Users
Non-Profit Industry Users

Start Booking Your Flow-Cytometry Sorting


  1. Create an account on the MGB Core Management System
  2. After registering an account (or if you already have an account), log-in and navigate to the Center for Cellular Profiling: Cytometry and Single-Cell Multiomics Core.
  3. Access the calendar for either the 4-laser or 5-laser instruments (depending on your needs) to view availability
  4. Fill out a Sort Request Form and send to
  5. A core representative will respond to you to schedule your sample submission

Hours of Operation

  • 9:30am-5:00pm, Monday – Friday

NOTE: 24-hour cancellation policy- If a user cancels within 24-hours of their sort we must charge for the time booked unless a last-minute fill-in is possible

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