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Chromium Single Cell Transcriptomics Services

  • Probed-based gene expression to cover most of the genome
  • Profile fresh, frozen and fixed samples: tissues to cells, nuclei and FACS-sorted cells
  • 10X recommended fixation protocols (cells or nuclei; tissues fixation)
  • Batch options to reduce per-sample cost: Multiple-4 or Multiplex-16
  • More 10X Flex Resources
  • Whole transcriptomic gene expression with fresh or cryopreserved single-cell suspensions
  • Simultaneously measure cell surface protein expression and antigen specificity
  • Complete immune profiling with V(D)J sequence for paired B-cells and/or T-cells receptors
  • Sample multiplexed by utilizing Cell-Hashing antibodies
  • More 10X Chromium Single Cell Resources
  • Profile gene expression and chromatin accessibility together
  • Utilize 3′ transcriptome profiling from nuclei suspensions
  • More 10X Multiome Resources
  • Profile the open chromatin landscape at a single cell resolution
  • Unbiased approach to seek for epigenetic changes
  • 10X recommended nuclei isolation protocol and kit

How can the CCP Single-Cell Core help? 

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