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The relationship between cells and their relative locations within tissue is critical to understanding normal development and disease pathology. Spatial transcriptomics is a groundbreaking molecular profiling method that allows scientists to measure all the gene activity in a tissue sample and map where the activity is occurring. Already this technology is leading to new discoveries that are proving instrumental in helping scientists gain a better understanding of biological processes and disease. – (10X Genomics)

Spatial Profiling Services

Visium Cytassist (10X Genomics)

  • Compatible with FFPE samples
  • Analyze the whole transcriptome from the entire section
  • Up to 1-10 cell resolution per spot
  • Combined histological and gene expression data with easy to use software

CosMx SMI (NanoString)

  • Compatible with fresh frozen, FFPE and organiod samples
  • Analyze the whole transcriptome from the entire section
  • Highest commercial plex RNA (1000-plex) and protein (100-plex)
  • Combined tissue profiling and 3D subcellular multi-media data with a cloud-based data analysis software


Visium Cytassist Work Flow (10X Genomics)

CoxMx SMI Work Flow (Nanostring)

For Spatial Transcriptomics services, please contact

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